DIY: Glamming Up a Run-Down Watch
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Pour moi, a great wristwatch is similar to a great love affair. I talk about it incessantly when the subject presents itself, it’s on my mind when I don’t have it with me, and when it’s broken I’m deeply affected by it. The latter is where I stood with my gold faced, white leather banded watch as it had been out of commission since the bottom strap tore a few months back. I was devastated, and not having fallen into another watch’s spell, my wrist remained bare.
Thankfully, a day of procrastination and a wandering mind has mended my old friend, and subsequently, my heart. As I was going through my room, I realized a few things: the watch itself still works, I have a bunch of chains left over from another DIY project, and I have been really into wrap watches, so why not combine all of those ingredients into rehabbing my old watch? I immediately put everything important, including paying bills and answering emails, out of my mind and begin working feverishly on my baby. The result: a glamorous version of the broken watch. It’s the perfect love story. Turning old to new and trash to treasure is seriously my most favorite kind of fashion… next to functional fashion, of course.
Below is a quick ‘how to’ for anyone longing for an old love to make a comeback.
What You’ll Need:
Needle-nose pliers
Wire cutters (Not necessary, but it will make the project 10-times easier.)
Watch face
Jump rings*
watch collage
*I bought these items at Munro Crafts in Berkley; they have a vast selection of materials.
Step 1: Remove the remaining bands off of the watch face, and start cutting chains to desired length. I chose to do four chains on each side, about 7 inches in length on the top and 12 inches in length on the bottom.
 Step 2: Attach the chains to the bar on the watch face. Since I didn’t have wire cutters, I used the pliers to bend open the links and then bent them back to secure the links onto the bar.
Step 3: Attach the jump rings. I used a bigger jump ring to attach the chains together on opposite sides of the watch.