I’ve Got the Power

It’s all about two facts:
Local shopping = local jobs and a better quality of life.
Women control 85% of all retail purchases – more than $7 trillion of buying power in the United States. In the vast majority of cases, we’re the “Chief Purchasing Officers” of our households.
We really DO have the power … to spend our dollars locally, keep Michiganders employed and build our community. Take the Buy Local pledge.
Since our first issue, StyleLine has been showcasing the fine products and services available in southeast Michigan. Every item or service we’ve featured, in every issue, has been available right here.
We realize that when any of us buys online or on the road, we’re also buying some responsibility for metro Detroit businesses laying off their employees and closing their doors.
So the StyleLine team created the “I’ve Got the Power” program as a reminder that each of us has enormous consumer power. We have the power to decide. To shop local. To support our community and each other. Please help us by taking the pledge .
Every dollar counts. Every shopper counts. You count. Probably more than you know.
Now, we realize that it may be impossible to shop locally 100% of the time. But we can commit to doing our very best to find what we need from a local source whenever we can. To do that, we invite you to take the I’ve Got the Power pledge, right on this page.
We’re also launching a dialogue on our Facebook page (facebook.com/stylelinemagazine) for you to tell us about the labels you love but can’t find here. Other readers, as well as local retailers, can point to where these in-demand brands can be found in metro Detroit stores. And if the brands aren’t available locally, we’ll let retailers know that there are eager buyers, and that they should stock these items, giving you more opportunities to keep your money in Michigan.
In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be rolling out new pieces of this program in the pages of StyleLine and its online platforms. We’d like your feedback along the way. Please share your thoughts, ask us questions, and send in your ideas to talktous@stylelinemag.com. We’ll be listening.