Buying Online: You should get full refund if unsatisfied with product

As a client of AliExpress you might be having some queries on services and below are some frequently asked questions with answers.

  • What happens if an order is not delivered on time?

You are entitled to a full refund of your money if you do not receive your order in the guaranteed delivery time. You can submit refund requests by opening a dispute in our order page. Please note that you can only dispute per order.

  • Items delivered were not as they were described by seller.

Any product delivered to you and does not fit the sellers description is eligible for return and refund. Another option is for you and the seller to work out a solution that is agreeable to both of you.

  • How can I ensure that I purchase genuine products? is the official website and there you can find many sellers who offer genuine products. All products are also verified by AliExpress.

It is important to note that all orders come directly from suppliers and not AliExpress. The best step therefore that a buyer can take is to contact the supplier in case of any misunderstanding because after all, the supplier provides merchandise and ships it. Regardless of any situation, easy and quick solutions may be arrived at through dialogue considering that we are all human and anyone can make mistakes. In that same breadth, as a client, you should focus on finding a solution to any problem that may arise and not an individual person. Threats and insults only aggravate the problem. Instead of getting caught up in emotions, strive to reach an agreeable accord.

All members of AliExpress have a feedback profile. Threatening suppliers with negative feedback only makes them uncooperative. It is advisable to leave feedback after the issue is resolved. If no resolution is reached after discussions with your supplier, you can officially ‘Open Dispute’. Here, unsatisfied buyers are allowed to list their requests to their suppliers. AliExpress records every open dispute for the purpose of referencing should the supplier and buyer go to the ‘File a Claim’ step.

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