Megaspray: What is it?

 The advantages of Hair Megaspray are loaded in the ingredients of the product as shown below: 

Oil burdock – has the property to feed strands and bulbs, and also significantly reduce the amount of dandruff, until complete disposal of it;

Argan oil – a powerful growth stimulant and protection from ultraviolet. In addition, this ingredient strengthens the hair, reduces its loss, and also activates blood circulation;


Nettle and chamomile pharmacy – work as a natural antiseptic and hair color enhancer, and soften strands and protect them from brittleness;

Coconut and avocado – protect the locks from damage, prevent them from falling out, and also improve the structure of the hair and nourishes the follicles;




Extract of red hot pepper and cinnamon oil – these  work as antibacterial, soothing and anti-inflammatory agents;


 Vitamins A and E – promote growth stimulation, fight against hair loss, and improve hair elasticity.



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