Avoid low rated sellers

AliExpress is a website filled with vendors whose aim is to make profit through selling wholesale items and even knock offs. Most people are attracted to AliExpress products  because of the variety and cheap prices they come in. You can find everything from clothes to electrons. However, the following are the facts you should have before you decide to place an order.

  • Not all sellers at AliExpress are crooks and not all products are bad either.
  • Go through product reviews for the item you want before placing an order and actually purchasing anything from  vendors.
  • Purchase only from vendors that offer DHL if you want an assurance that your items will arrive on time.
  • Be in constant communication with your vendor and make sure they know what you want. Do not shy away from asking questions and if your vendor does not get back to you within a reasonable time frame, reconsider buying from them.
  • Conduct thorough research and make a list of sellers you might be interested in considering their prices and ratings.
  • Be careful of low rated sellers. Just because they have good pictures does not mean they actually have good products. Chances are that a number of other sellers have the same picture. You are using money to get your goods so do not experiment with low rated sellers.

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