The Negative Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco

Drinking alcohol and smoking are two activities that many people globally engage in to pass time. The two substances are not categorized as hard drugs but they still do have the same effect as banned drug substances. These effects could be both physical and social.

Negative Physical Effects

High cholesterol.  Cholesterol is important for the production of cells and hormones. Too much of it however causes obstruction in the blood vessels and blood can therefore not reach the heart as required. Smoking aids this process because it causes damage to blood vessel walls and it lowers the levels of good cholesterol.

Erectile dysfunction. During sexual activity there is a lot of blood flow to the penis. Since smoking inhibits the normal flow of blood then the penis area will be affect resulting in poor erections.

Liver cirrhosis.  The liver breaks down fat and purifies blood. Heavy drinking means the liver is overworking and it can breakdown any time. Such a breakdown would mean that a person is suffering from cirrhosis.

Negative social effects

Heavy drinking has been the root of many broken homes where one spouse decides to drown their sorrows in a bottle. A good number of road accidents and deaths recorded in 2017 from different countries were due to a drunken driver. There is a high risk of cancer for people who use alcohol all the the time. Cancer treatment does not only emotionally drain people but it also drains their finances. It would only then be advisable to do what is right.


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